3ra Conferencia Internacional sobre Desastres y Riesgos (IDRC) Davos 2010
A biennial conference on disaster and risk reduction and climate change adaptation is held in Davos, Switzerland, as a global gathering, complemented in the years between with regional conferences hosted in different global locations with a regional focus.

The IDRC conferences promote the integral risk management approach – across subject areas, professions, and sectors – encompassing scientific understanding with business, policy responses, the media and citizen participation, encouraging stronger ties with adequate public-private partnership models and devising approaches for moving towards a more truly integrated way of thinking about disaster and risks.

Additional conferences and workshops dealing with specific disaster and risk topics may be organized in Davos or elsewhere. The conferences and workshops will provide solutions for effective and efficient global disaster and risk management and for climate change adaptation, which needs the involvement of all stakeholders of the public and the private sector.

IDRC Davos 2010 – TOPICS

A vital mix of session formats, workshops and teaching courses grant for a profound science-policy-practice exchange. Topics, among others, are:

Global change and its impact on development and security.
Urban risks, mega cities and critical infrastructures3
Mega catastrophes, humanitarian logistics, ICT in risk and crisis management.
Desertification, land degradation, drought and food security.
Integrated risk governance, risk reduction, climate change adaptation.

30/05/2010 - 03/06/2010


Agenda - Davos 2010 Special Session 443
Community-Centered Flood Early Warning Systems in the Central American Isthmus and the Dominican Republic: A Regional Platform for their Financial and Institutional Sustainability
Experiences from ‘The Caribbean Emergency Legislation Project’
Disaster Risk Management in the Americas – The IDRL Guidelines and the Role of the IFRC